Handyman Services

for the DIY projects you'd rather not DIY!

Painter Decorator

I might be a fine carpenter, but I don't mind getting my hands dirty either. So if you're looking for a handyman for your interior decoration, look no further! As a dab hand at painting and decorating, I have left many a home in excellent decorative order. Lovely clean lines and not a drop on the floor. A perfect finish every time!

To put your mind at ease, I've probably been decorating longer than I've been a carpenter! It is with pride that I can say, I've learned from the best in the trade, and I bring that experience and expertise with me, on every single job.


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Handyman Services

DIY you'd rather not do!

We all have our talents and to be fair, we can't be good everything. Generally speaking, DIY requires patience, time and a little bit of know how. 

If you're DIY skills leave a lot to be desired, and that flat pack furniture is sending you round the bend, don't worry, help is at hand! I'll be happy to quote for a variety of handy man tasks and odd jobs too. After all not everyone can put a shelf up straight! So if you have a DIY SOS, don't hesitate to call.

  • TV wall mounting
  • Hanging Shelves
  • Furniture assembly
  • Loft ladders

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Carpentry Repair Services

home improvements

From time to time the home needs a little bit of TLC. Sometimes the job requires the skill of a carpenter with attention to detail, to achieve the best possible results. 

I would be happy to repair any of the following for you:

  • Wooden doors - frame & door 
  • Window - wood frame 
  • Flooring - hard & soft wood 
  • Door knob - installation only
  • Door Handles - installation only
carpentry services


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yes, you can trust a trader!

There are times of course when you need a team of tradesmen for your project. Admittedly, it can be hard to find a good tradesman, but with the help of Bench Dog Carpentry, there is no need to worry. You won't need to scour the net, or bite your fingernails in anticipation of what's to come. I have a fantastic team of tradesmen on hand.

Whatever the project requires, be it plumbers, electricians, plasterers or bricklayers, I have reliable local tradesmen available to call. We work well as a team, and each of us takes immense pride in the work we do. You will receive an excellent service and results you'll be bragging about to the neighbours!