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This gallery shows a few ways in which carpentry can be used for home improvement. Scroll down to view the different carpentry categories.

Shelving Unit / Bookcase

Give your living room the designer touch!

It’s quite amazing how with a little imagination and creativity, a design idea brought to life, can complete change the look and feel of a room. If you look closely at the pictures, you will see an outstanding conversion from old to new, updating a tired looking living room.  You will notice the traditional chimney breast and alcoves incorporated into the new design theme. Completely hidden from view, as if they were never there, without the need to remove the chimney breast itself. An altogether more cost efficient way to modernizing the entire living space.

This was a big job, which included the dismantling, and disposal of many bricks from the faux fireplace, before any actual carpentry work. The living room was still in use at night and I worked around this with minimum disruption in time for the plasterers to do their part.  

Do you have an idea for some shelves or a bookcase you would like to discuss with me? I would be more than happy to come round and take a look.

Garden Shed

shed, lock up, garden office or man cave - you decide!

Quite often, there will be a lot of unused space on the side of a house that is available for some kind of development. This doesn’t mean you need to build an expensive extension to utilize the space, but it does give you room for possibilities.

In this example, my client choose to have a timber-framed lock-up built, between the outside wall and fence. As a result, where there was once vacant land, stands a beautifully bespoke shed in its place. It has a vast area for storage, and in addition, it is insulated, waterproof and secure. This lockup /shed will give any storage unit a run for its money, and keep yours firmly in your pocket!

Is there an area within your property that has the potential for renovation? If you would like to discuss the possibilities of having a custom-built shed, lock up or garden office made to your design, why not get in touch.

Stud Walls

extend, hide, create a new room or partition an old one.

There are a number of equally important reasons as to why a client might want stud walls erected. For example, it might be necessary to divide a room into two with a partition wall. In a home improvement project, a requirement may be to extend a wall. On the other hand, it may be necessary to hide electrical cables or pipes with a stud wall.

To build the stud wall takes a lot of precision cutting and measuring. An experienced carpenter will need to construct a timber frame and secure it to the walls, floor, and ceiling. To add extra support to the wall, the carpenter will also add horizontal braces. Once the frame is complete, a plasterboard covering is attached, ready for the plasterer to skim. The plaster will take a few days to completely dry before it is ready for the client's choice of finish.

By the end of the build, it will look like it's always been part of the home.

If you would like to book an appointment, Bench Dog Carpentry would be happy to meet with you and discuss making improvements in your home.

Boxing In Pipes

Hide that boiler and those ugly pipes!

Boxing in pipes requires a lot of precision cutting to achieve the right result. A skillful carpenter is vital, as this type of work can be quite a tricky business, especially if you don’t want to risk a flood!

On a lighter note, the seamless joinery of the corners will give the illusion that the boxing in was all part of the original master plan.

Boxing in pipes is often overlooked, and as a matter of fact, so is the dual potential of it. In the first place, boxing in will hide unsightly pipes, but in addition to that, they can provide useful shelf space.

Similarly, boiler cabinets and radiator covers will do virtually the same thing. Concealing areas you would rather not see and therefore becoming more pleasing to the eye.


Wooden flooring, laminate & engineered flooring

There are more and more clients these days that are choosing to disregard the traditional carpet and have floorboards instead. The deciding aspect comes down to personal choice, lifestyle and the interior design of the home. For you, the decision may be due to the aesthetically pleasing effect the floorboards give, or the ease of maintenance. General wear and tear on some carpets can greatly reduce its lifespan. Especially in homes with young children, where the mopping up of spillages occurs frequently.

I am happy to provide a quote to lay wooden, engineered or laminate flooring in your home or business premises.

To help you decided which type of flooring would suit your home best, please click here for more info.

Windows & Doors

Save money on your bills & block out noisy neighbours!

Using wood for your windows and doors has a number of positive factors over other material choices.

In the first instance, using wood will save you a great deal of money by bringing down your heating bills. As an excellent insulator, it will keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A bonus point worth considering is the peace and quiet you will enjoy from the soundproofing it naturally provides. Wood doesn’t rust and so with good maintenance, wooden doors and windows can last a lifetime.

It has its own unique beauty, and there is nothing to match it. With this in mind, it is often the natural choice for many a traditional homeowner. For the more modern environment, wood is the perfect material for painting.

Lastly, although initially expensive, wooden doors and windows will always add value to the home.

Carpentry skills are a must for a perfect wooden door and window installation. Please contact me, if you require my services.

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